Prayer for Cancer
Jeremiah 30:17  "For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds, saith the LORD; ......"
Cancer Signs and Symptoms
Our belief
evidence of disease as perceived and reported by a patient. Therefore a symptom can more simply be defined as a
sensation or change which is observed by the patient. It is now generally agreed that a sign is what is noticed by the
doctor/physician or other parties. Vital to note is that, it is not the nature of the sign or the symptom that defines it, but who
observes it.

Oftentimes, understanding the significance of signs and symptoms can be critical. Symptoms may be chronic or mild; they
may appear suddenly or may come up progressively. Signs and Symptoms may also be recurrent or may be a one time
occurrence. Educating patients about symptoms improves the chances of obtaining the right diagnosis and treatment as
the patient will be able to correctly and clearly describe to the doctor/physician the symptoms that he/she is experiencing.

Some signs and symptoms, such as nausea, occur in a wide range of disease processes, whereas other signs and
symptoms are fairly specific to a narrow range of illnesses.

A symptom is a phenomenon that is experienced by only the patient, for example pain, because a doctor or nurse cannot
feel the patient’s pain unless the doctor/nurse also happens to be the patient. Signs are generally only observed by the
doctor or other observers for example the results of an x-ray showing some form of abnormality. However, some
phenomena qualify as both signs and symptoms because they are observed by both the doctor and the patient for example
a skin rash.