Lung cancer can manifest in many ways. Many signs may not be peculiar to lung cancer but
run through all other diseases or cancers. These symptoms however are some of the
general symptoms for lung cancer.

Lung Cancer is forms in tissues of the lungs, usually in the cells lining air passages. The two
main types are small cell lung cancer and non-small cell lung cancer. These types are
diagnosed based on how the cells look under a microscopic examination.
Signs and symptoms of lung cancer may include:

1.        A cough that is persistent for a long time
2.        A chronic cough or "smoker's cough"
3.        Coughing of blood
4.        Chest pain
5.        Hoarseness of voice
6.        Shortness of breath

Other symptoms include:-


Signs & Symptoms that may appear in the late stages lung cancer include:

a.        Fatigue.
b.        Loss of appetite.
c.        Headache, bone pain, aching joints.
d.        Bone fractures not related to accidental injury.

Friend, we pray that if there is any lung cancer symptom in your life that it be destroyed in
Jesus Mighty Name, Amen. We pray also that God will touch all of your organs and make
them function well. We pray that God Almighty will touch your lungs, the esophagus and
every organ in your body connected to the well functioning of your lungs. We pray also that
He will touch your body and remove every pain; remove every headaches, every loss of
appetite, and may he restore your breathing in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen